Yuzuki as seen in the anime
Gender: Female
Age: 2
Background/Alliance Information

Voice Actors
Japanese: Fumiko Orikasa
English: Karen Strassman

Yuzuki (柚姫?) is a custom-made Persocom created by Minoru Kokubunji roughly two years before the start of the series. Yuzuki was created to resemble, physically and mentally, Minoru's late sister, Kaede, who had died from an unspecified illness two years earlier.


Yuzuki is programmed with all of the data that Minoru could remember about his sister; what she liked, what she disliked, as well as her habits and behaviors. However, Minoru still realizes that no matter how realistic she may be, she is still only a Persocom made to look like his sister that is only following her programming. Yuzuki also possesses an awareness of her own limitations.

Toward the end of the anime and manga series, Yuzuki loses a large portion of Kaede's personality data as a result of trying to hack into Zima and being counter-hacked by Dita. However, Minoru declines to reenter this data, because he has grown to love Yuzuki for who she is--because she is Yuzuki, rather than a replacement for his sister.



  • Yuzuki is said to resemble Kaede, but her hair coloring is different from her template.