Takako Shimizu
Takako as seen in the anime.
Gender: Female

Background/Alliance Information

Voice Actors
Japanese: Ryoka Yuzuki
English: Wendee Lee

Takako Shimizu (清水多香子, Shimizu Takako?) is Hideki and Shinbo's teacher at the Seki cram school. Like Yumi, Shimizu has had a negative experience with Persocoms: She and her husband bought a persocom, and eventually she became unimportant to him compared to the Persocom. He spent more and more time with it until he forgot about his wife completely, locking her out of the house one night because he was so enamored with it. Because of this, Shimizu is no longer able to trust human men. Later, she elopes with Shinbo. In the end, she returns to the cram school, married to Shinbo.