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Hideki Motosuwa
Hideki as seen in the anime.
Kanji 本須和秀樹
Romanji Motosuwa Hideki
Nicknames Motosuwa-senpai
Age Eighteen (18)
Gender Male
Height 152.4 cm/ 5'7
Weight Unknown
Birth date September 3
Blood Type Unknown
Model Type None
Bust Size None
Race Human
Place of Residence Gabu Jougasaki Apartments
Occupation Waiter
School University of Toyko
Marital Status In a relationship
Family Mother


Elda (Chi) Hibiya (girlfriend)

Likes Porn, video games, animals
Dislikes Walking, studying, wrong impressions, and feeling like he has done nothing
Hobbies None
Future Dream To continue College
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1: Chi Awakens
Voice Actors
Japanese Tomokazu Sugita
English Crispin Freeman
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Hideki Motosuwa (本須和秀樹 , Motosuwa Hideki?) is a 19-year-old (18 in the anime) repeat student (ronin) attempting to get into a university by studying at Seki cram school, which his parents have sent him to. They have also severed his allowance, which means he has to work at Yorokonde (My Pleasure), an izakaya, to make ends meet. One night, while walking home from work, he finds a persocom lying in a pile of garbage. He takes her home, and after much searching, switches her on and finds that the only word she can utter is "Chi". Because of this, he gives her the name "Chi" and takes her into his care, doing his best to protect and teach her.


Hideki is known as a very handsome, dark brown haired, dark eyed guy. He actually looks like your average Japanese male. He has dark tan skin and is an inch above average height. He usually wears a long sleeve, dark green shirt with grey jeans and blue sneakers. His hair is parted on the right side, and does a little up and over. He usually wears a white t-shirt to bed with sweatpants, and lately his daily clothes have been varying. Hideki usually has a smile or confused look on his face due to the constant action in his odd life.


He is often known as a "really nice guy" among his peers, although he is sometimes really loud, He is from a farm in Hokkaidō and doesn't know much about the city, nor about socializing so he often shouts out angerily or excitedly when he's frustrated with something. He likes talking himself through things because it helps him process it and better understand his plan. He's usually a fun, nice pervert who doesn't like too muich excitment in his life. Hideki loves relaxing in the peace and quiet, although due to being a poor Collage student, he is rushing around a lot in the bustling city. He is always nervous about topics about femine things or woman in general. He enjoys being around others however he doesn't like strangers. He can't always take a joke, and gets upset easily.

In an extra 27th episode included on the Chobits anime DVD, it is shown that Hideki is finally admitted to college after studying for a year at the prep school.


Farm LifeEdit

Hideki was once a well off farmboy who lived, breathed, and loved being with animals and nature. He attended a small school, and so his education wasn't always the best, However, Hideki always had large dreams for his future, and even applied for the University of Toyko. Despite being hard working in phyiscal standards, he was not smart enough to attend. Heartbroken and caught in the moment, he said goodbye to his folks and ran off to Toyko to study at a cheap Collage Prep School so he could purse his dreams in collage. There he got a cheap apartment to start himself off.


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