Elda was once the name of Chi. This article will only focus on Chi as her former self of Elda. Elda is the younger sister of Freya and was created  mainly for her sister. In this sense Elda was made to encourage Freya to be a more upbeat girl since she seemed to be becoming increasingly depressed with affairs in her then state with the feelings she had for her father. Although Elda was created it did not seem to change Freya's state. Causing problems for her she began to slowly destroy herself not wanting to hurt her Mother with these unnerving feelings of love for her Father so whilst Freya began to die and lied on her death bed Elda decided it was of her need to keep her sister alive ,but not in her form of computer as of the powerful chobits. Rather than that Elda connected to Freya in last moments and placed her heart deep within herself keeping her inside herself. Now with her sister her inside her heart a duty must be fulfilled by Elda to find the one for her since Freya could not have her father when she loved him. If Elda does not find the one it could end in suffering or mend Freya's broken heart somehow.


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