Chi and Freya
The Chobit series of Persocoms were created by Ichirō Mihara for his wife Chitose Hibiya, who could not have children and wanted daughters, and thus the Chobits have a female humanoid form. They have achieved legendary status among the Persocom message boards due to the rumor that they have human feelings and emotions.

The first Chobit was Freya, and sensing that she was lonely, Mihara and Hibiya chose to create a younger twin sister for her, named Elda


Chobits were created in the model of PC Persocoms. They were built exactly like a human, however they had large,

Freya and Elda (Chi)

metal ears. It was heavily rumored over the web that not only could they perform all different types of task like humans, but they could feel human emotions, and reacted to heartbreak, disappointment, joy, and every emotion or situation just as a human would. They were not made to have software installed, as they were said to have human-like minds, and instead of a personality created by software, they grew and developed feelings and personality traits. This is only what is believed of them, however. They have a program installed in them that allows them to "learn emotions and love", which means they are only acting on software.


Despite the fact that Chobits were made to be almost identical to humans, they had one difference from the race: Their ears.

Freya plugged up

They have these large, metal ears that contain plug-ins, and one reason for these are for regular check-ups to see if they are performing correctly, and another is that Chobits, like all other Persocoms, must be charged up in order to work properly. They can be charged with direct sunlight, however they can also be charged with a USB cord connected to an AC Adapter plugged into a wall outlet.


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