Chitose Hibiya
Chitose as seen the anime.
Series: Chobits, Kobato
Gender: Female
Age: Around early twenties to early thirties.
Background/Alliance Information

Voice Actors
Japanese: Kikuko Inoue
English: Bridget Hoffman

Chitose Hibiya (日比谷 千歳 , Hibiya Chitose?) is the landlady of Gabu Jougasaki apartment houses where Hideki and Shinbo live. She inherited the residence of her husband when he died and now it is her source of income. She is always shown to be friendly and generous with everyone she meets, especially with Hideki and Chi who currently reside in her apartments.


In the manga, she was previously an employee of Piffle Princess Enterprises and participated in the development of Angel Layer program and later, persocoms. She was married to the president of the company, the late Ichiro "Ichan" Mihara, who used the data gathered from the Angelic Layer research to create the Chobits to be Chitose's children, because she was unable to have children of her own. She also authors the A City with No People series of books to help Chi find the Person Just for Her.